4 tips for starting a career

You are a fan of video games and want to pursue a career in this field. Game development is a popular profession.

Additionally, advances in technology and access to advanced software and platforms make learning more accessible. In this article we offer some tips for starting your career as a game developer.

Follow the leader !

Learn a game engine

The first step in learning to become a game developer is finding the right game engine for you.

Depending on your favorite games, there are several: Free War GamesAdventure Games, Fighting Games, Racing Games, etc.

The most popular remain Unity and Unreal Engine, but Unity is recommended for beginners. In fact, this engine uses C# as its main language. The latter is high-level but with a simpler interface. Unreal Engine uses C++ as language. The user interface is excellent but remains complex to master.

To learn your favorite game engine, there are online tutorials.

Learn the appropriate language

Once you’ve chosen your game engine, you’ll also need to know the appropriate language to script and add animations to your game. C# is great to start with Unit.

The language makes it possible to enjoy good fluidity while providing animations by triggering them when the user has performed a specific action.

C# even allows fog or dust at the appropriate place in the script. Once you master C#, you can move on to C++. Then all you have to do is dig deeper by trying to learn more complex features.

Go to Design

Once you know the basics of the game engine and the appropriate language, you can move on to actual game creation. It is important to make your concept more attractive by adding assets.

An asset can be an audio file, an image file, or even a 3D model to refine your game’s rendering. You should know that Unity offers several of them in the Unity Asset Store. Also, many are free.

In general, they manage to meet the needs of beginners, but you can also create your assets yourself or entrust the task to a professional designer.

For this purpose there is special software, viz mixer. This 3D computer graphics software is free and open source. It enables the creation of numerous visual effects, animated films, graphic animations, interactive 3D apps, computer games and virtual reality.

If you decide to play an arcade game or a 2D mobile game, Inkscape is the ideal software for creating vector graphics. It’s easy to use.

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Deploy the game

Once the above steps are complete, all you have to do is deploy your creation. So everyone can enjoy it.

You can then determine whether you like the game or not in order to improve. You can start a completely new game or take a classic game and create a variant.

The aim is to constantly improve without ever getting discouraged, even if the result is not always optimal at the beginning. Knowing how to take criticism and learn from your mistakes.