After a long break, the brand wants to restart with electric cars

Huawei introduced the Cyrus SF5 over a year ago. Since then there has been radio silence. Making Huawei cars isn’t a passing fad, it’s almost a matter of survival for the Shenzhen-based company.

Cyrus sf5
Credit: Huawei

We have mentioned in our columns the release of the Cyrus SF5, Huawei’s first electric car, which should be launched in June 2021. At the time, despite pre-orders exceeding the expectations of the Chinese brand, this model does not seem to have satisfied its audience. We don’t hear much more about potential automobiles bearing the red flower. Has the Shenzhen company given up on its ambitions to beat Tesla in electric vehicles?

It is primarily in demand for its electronic systems and embedded solutions such as HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit, which wants to replace Android Auto. The company is technologically very advanced, particularly in the area of ​​autonomous driving. The desire to produce thermal cars is not new. As of 2020, the Shenzhen giant partnered with the Chinese automaker to launch a brand of premium electric cars. The original goal of overtaking Tesla is far from being achieved.

Huawei wants to return to the electric car market and hit hard

However, Wang Yanmin, head of Huawei’s smart car division, reiterated the company’s ambitions at the China Auto Forum in Shanghai. ” The company cannot stop all of its efforts because of failure. If you can’t create a product that sells well, you haven’t found the right business model. Huawei wants to be involved in all phases of building a smart electric car. From design to manufacturing, we want to make it a commercial success.” We are reassured that Huawei’s ambitions are still intact.

Everyone readily admits that Huawei’s high-end smartphones are excellent. The Huawei Mate 50 Pro is considered the camera champion and competes with premium models from Samsung and Apple. However, Huawei is committed to diversifying its operations. The American embargo on its telecommunications equipment is hampering its growth. The Chinese brand cannot abandon the production of cars. We should therefore hear more about it in the coming months.