Amazon Smile: Why It Is A Scam?

Of course, you know When you shop at Amazon Smile, you’ll find the same Amazon, with the bonus that they will donate a percentage of the purchase price to your selected charity.

Some say Amazon Smile is a scam! But before we answer this, we first need to know what Amazon Smile is, so let’s go and discover this together.

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Amazon Smile Concept

AmazonSmile is a website that is run by Amazon. It offers the same items at the same pricing as the main Amazon website.

The only difference is that when you purchase on Amazon Smile, Amazon Smile foundation will give 0.5% of the price of all qualifying goods to the charity of your choice.

If you already have an Amazon account, you may use it on Amazon Smile.

Your login information and all of your preferences will remain the same, allowing you to access your shopping cart, wish lists, and other features exactly as you would on the Amazon website.

Amazon Smile & Nonprofits

Setting up an AmazonSmile profile for your company is simple. First, you must furnish Amazon with a valid email address.

Then, either you or one of your employees must be designated as the account administrator. Most businesses select someone with financial management power.

Before you may accept monies donated to your group, you must first register it. It is simple to register. Search for your organization on AmazonSmile by name or EIN, choose it, and then establish an administrator account.

Submit your organization’s bank account details, followed by verification with a voided check or a bank statement. It’s that simple!

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Support Your Favorite charity through the Amazon Smile program

Using the Amazon app:

  1. Search “Amazon Smile” in the main search bar.
  2. Click the amazon smile logo.
  3. Select ” get started”.
  4. Choose “Your charity” .
  5. Just start shopping now!

Using a web browser:

  1. Visit
  2. Select”get started”.
  3. Choose ” your charity”.
  4. Start shopping!

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Why Amazon Smile Can be a scam?

The answer to this question differs from one person to another, whether you are with or against this program, but in the video below there are things that you must understand and take into consideration before you make any donation.

Video by: Beau Reviews Awesomeness: Authentic Tests & Demos

Bonus: The Best charities for Amazon smile

According to experts these are the Best Charities for AmazonSmile, you can support them with no fairs.

  • Equal Justice Initiative – Fighting for Equal Justice
  • Thrive Rescue – Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking

To help children:

  • Children’s Hope Alliance Foundation – a Safe Environment
  • Save the Children – for Children’s Future
  • TryLife Center – for Family Planning

Basic Needs:

  • Rise Against Hunger – More Than 1.7 Million People Fed
  • Feeding America – Fighting Starvation in the US
  • Meals on Wheels America – Delivering Free Meals
  • Baltimore Hunger Project – Fighting Hunger
  • Helpers 4 Shelters – Putting Roofs Over Heads


  • Promise Community Health Center – For Affordable Healthcare
  • Queens Centers for Progress – Supporting Those With Disabilities
  • Canary Foundation – Helping the Fight Against Cancer
  • OhioHealth Foundation – For Affordable Healthcare


  • Rescue Me Inc – Animal Rescue
  • Woof Love Animal Rescue – Loving Unadopted Animals

In the end, Amazon Smile remains with humanitarian goals, even if they are few, but if there are hidden purposes from them, this may detract from its value, be careful in choosing and always try to send your assistance to those who need it.

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