Can you vape at work?

Whether in an open space or not, the temptation to vape is often present among ex-smokers. Is it possible to vape with an electronic cigarette at work? This article explains where to vape in your business.

Addiction to nicotine makes you want to vape anywhere

Even though the electronic version of the cigarette has nothing to do with its eldest, it still remains problematic in terms of the addiction it creates. This addiction is linked to the presence of nicotine, a substance that is not carcinogenic but has the disadvantage of being very addictive.

It is commonly taken in larger amounts when under stress, the problem being that for many people quitting smoking is associated with stress, which creates a vicious cycle.

Besides nicotine, addiction to electronic cigarettes can be explained by body language habits and key times: a relaxing break at work, drinking coffee after dinner or in the morning, etc.

If it is difficult for a smoker to quit smoking, it is just as difficult for a person who vapes to quit using their electronic cigarette.

However, this second option is preferable to the first, since the e-cigarette does not emit toxic smoke, but a vapor that does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, or the carcinogenic substances of tobacco.

Remember that one in two smokers dies from smoking, so it’s important to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Vaping at work, is it possible?

Trapped in a file, you don’t have time for your usual break. Your electronic cigarette is there on your desk.

The open space is large and you have a small room separate from the others. You then think that there are no consequences if you take a few puffs on your e-cigarette, which is as discreet as the small models from Vaporesso for example… Well no! Vaping at work, like smoking, is against the law!

Even if you have a completely enclosed personal office where you can close the door and where you are alone or by yourself, you must not puff on your electronic cigarette.

The Ministry of Labour, Full Employment and Integration specifies: “If in the past people with an individual office in a collective space could claim some benefits, they are now prohibited from doing so.

With regard to individual offices, the ban is explained by the fact that all persons who pass through these offices or who have to occupy them even for a short time must be protected from the dangers of second-hand smoke. be it an employee, a customer, a supplier, representatives for maintenance, repair, cleanliness…”

If the locations allowed for vaping were a bit vague, Article L3513-6 of the Public Health Act, published on May 21, 2016, clarifies all of this:

It is forbidden to vape in:

  • Schools and establishments intended for the reception, training and accommodation of minors;
  • Public transport closed;
  • Closed and covered workplaces for shared use.

In summary, you can vape at work in places where smokers are allowed to smoke. This can be on the street or in a room specially reserved for them, which has an appropriate ventilation system for removing air containing aerosols and smoke.

On outdoor construction sites, it is possible to vape in places that are uncovered and not dangerous to anyone. Permission must be granted by the company, which must clearly state where both smoking and vaping are prohibited.

The only special case lies in the bars on the terrace. If it is not covered and the owners of the place do not indicate a ban on smoking and vaping, it is possible to use your electronic cigarette in this place, taking care to keep pregnant women and children away.