The Best Cloud Based Telephone System For 2023

A cloud based telephone system, often known as a cloud phone, is a type of phone service that enables you to place calls online rather than through an analog phone line that connects via copper wires or optical fibers. One or more secure off-site data centers house cloud phones.

These phone systems can be utilized with a wide range of gadgets, including VoIP-capable phones, smartphone apps, computer software, and conventional phones with adapters. 

All information and data are stored in the cloud rather than being maintained via a server, such as a private branch exchange (PBX) on the premises. Since everything can be readily updated in the cloud, this helps you save on expensive maintenance and updates.

The following list contains the 8 competitors for the top cloud-based phone systems as determined by Quicksprout Experts:

8 Of The Best Cloud Based Telephone Systems

1. Nextiva 

Nextiva is still the best Cloud Based Telephone System, Plans from Nextiva are suitable for medium-sized to big businesses with significant call volumes and provide lots of scalability, even for call centers. Even when phone lines are overloaded, a variety of call control technologies keep things feeling simple for users.

Regardless of the size of your company, Aircall also truly provides various call center capabilities in its plans. You get a lot of value for your money with additional unlimited calling.

However, it doesn’t have as many collaborative features or as much direct customer service as Nextiva.

2. RingCentral 

RingCentral provides businesses with the dependable communications that remote and hybrid workers require to succeed. Through video conferences with up to 200 participants and messaging, employees may communicate with their colleagues.

To lessen the likelihood of overlooking crucial information during phone or video calls, it also features HD voice and video. For comprehensive information on the company’s technical dependability, consult the most recent quality of service reports.

3. Ooma

 Plug-and-play phones from Ooma are simple to set up and don’t require a technician to install. Additionally, each user can run the system using a desk phone that is already installed. Many desk phones can be made to work with Ooma with an adaptor.

4. Zoom

 Zoom may not have the extensive feature set that other phone systems provide, but its call-monitoring tools more than makeup for it. Zoom even allows you to configure automated call recording and transcription for convenient review.

During calls, supervisors can employ tools like listen-in, barge, and whispering for in-the-moment instruction.

5. Dialpad 

Dialpad uses its proprietary AI system to transcribe calls with impressive accuracy. Supervisors can use the system to get alerts when more assistance might be necessary on a call based on keywords or an overall negative tone.

6. GoTo Connect 

The top two GoTo Connect packages offer businesses unlimited outbound calls to 50 different countries. However, the service is a little more expensive than 88, particularly if you make the majority of your calls to nations like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, which are more frequently used for business communications.

7. 8×8

 You may be able to make unlimited calls to up to 48 different countries, depending on the 88 plan you select. For calls made to other countries, there is a fee that varies depending on the country.

Additionally, companies can select phone lines from more than 100 nations to create a global customer support presence.

8. Google Voice 

Solopreneurs deserve a dependable cloud-based phone system just as much as large corporations do, and Google Voice is a good fit for them. As is the case with all Google products, Google Voice succeeds in mobile with highly regarded apps that have simple, uncluttered interfaces. Alternatively, utilize it directly from your web browser on your PC.

What Is The Best Cloud Based Telephone System?

Nextiva Logo

Due to its low cost, plenty of call management and UCaaS features, and ease of setup, Nextiva is the best cloud-based telephone system, you can try Nextiva plans for seven days free.