Cycling to work – a plus for your health

Regardless of the environment in which it is used, the bike allows many trips in a very short time. It can be used in particular for going to the service and in this case offers many advantages for the employees. Find out why it’s good to cycle to work in this article.

Why ride a bike to work?

The advantages of using the bike for your business are legion. Among other things, remember that this mode of transport allows you to stay in shape, save money and be much more productive.

Stay fit

Using a bicycle to work has enormous positive effects on health. In fact, it allows you to engage in regular physical activity, which promotes weight loss or prevents cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, this practice greatly reduces the risk of cancer, muscles the body, and also avoids brain diseases. So it can save you from a sedentary lifestyle, increase your life expectancy and much more.

To save

Cycling not only has positive effects on health, but also means that the people who use it use less fuel. It’s also lower maintenance than cars, and thanks to some vendors, gladly Sharelockfind safe parking for your machine at the best price.

In addition, thanks to the use of the bicycle, you can also save time on the way to work. In fact, this means of transport also allows not to get stuck in traffic jams or to get out of them very quickly. This avoids delays, but also the associated stress.

To be much more productive

By avoiding stress, nervousness or even anxiety, cycling promotes the release of neurotransmitters, which play a key role in concentration. The same applies to serotonin and the happiness hormones, which not only ensure pleasure, but also ensure a good mood. In this way, the bike can act like a sports trainer on your motivation, which is likely to increase performance or productivity at work.

In addition, the bicycle is also a very desirable object by thieves, it is necessary to secure it well in order to avoid a number of problems. Many behaviors can be adopted for this.

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How do you protect or secure your bike?

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways cyclists can protect their bike from theft. Among other things, it is possible to take out insurance or find reliable places to store your bike to keep it safe. These services are offered by many service providers and in particular by Sharelock, a structure that makes cycling easier thanks to its network of padlocks. The latter is designed to make everyday life easier for cyclists by allowing them to find safe places for their bikes.

By becoming a member of this network, which you can also access through an easy-to-use mobile application, you’ll be able to access padlocks attached to bars to ensure your security Cycles. These padlocks are installed in many places (schools, train stations, etc.) and work with the most modern technologies. In addition, they have a notification system that sends alerts in the event of an attempted theft.

Finally, note that the formulas offered by this network to ensure the safety of bicycles are of different types (formula for occasional cyclists, formula for experienced cyclists, etc.). They are offered at an excellent price and are therefore not expensive.