Google Fiber In 2023

What is Google fiber? It is Google’s fiber-based broadband internet service, which debuted in 2010, and is designed to provide high-speed connectivity to businesses and individuals in select cities.

Google Fiber In 2023

The sudden recovery of Google Fiber will include a significant increase in internet speeds. Google has revealed that it will offer 5Gbps and 8Gbps plans in early 2023 with monthly rates of $125 and $150 each.

Both tiers will include symmetrical upload and download rates, a WiFi 6 router, and up to two mesh network extenders. The upgrades should help with massive file transfers while keeping lag and jitter to a minimum according to the company.

Existing customers, particularly those in Kansas City, Utah, and West Des Moines can try the faster plans now by just visiting the official website if they sign up to become a Trusted Tester. If you qualify, Google will ask you how you can expect to use the additional bandwidth.

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That’s a big jump from the best 2Gbps service Google offered in 2020, and it could make a huge difference if you’re a gamer or thrive in cloud computing, according to Engadget.

 If a 150GB Microsoft Flight Simulator download took 11 minutes at 2Gbps, an 8Gbps plan could reduce that wait to as little as three minutes under ideal conditions. It makes typical cable internet plans look expensive.

Comcast already offers 6Gbps service in some regions, for example, but that costs $300 a month on contract and doesn’t yet include replica uploads.

Either way, the new plans are a declaration of intent. Along with the first network expansions in five years, the upgraded speeds mark Google’s return to its Fiber roots. This means that it raises expectations for fast Internet access and (to some extent) stimulates competition among existing service providers. That could help Google promote its other services, of course, but you might not mind if it gives telecoms extra incentive to roll out “10G” and similar upgrades sooner than they might otherwise.

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If you have any questions, or you want to discover more about this service you can easily visit the official google website, you will find everything you want to know there.

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