How do you send your goods ecologically?

Ecology has been at the center of debates for several years. In fact, environmental protection has become an international concern. Companies are particularly affected, regardless of their industry. With that in mind, they need to rethink all of their ways of working, especially their processes for delivering goods. In fact, shipping parcels generates an impressive amount of waste (plastics, polluting packaging, pallets). However, all businesses must ship or receive goods domestically and globally. Then there are more environmentally friendly ways to ship your goods. What are they and how do you use them in your company?

Use cardboard or recycled materials to pack your items

Recycled packaging and boxes remain the best solution to limit the environmental impact of your shipments. Many manufacturers design boxes intended for the transport of various goods in France and abroad. Otherwise, if you are looking for boxes for packages, there are different models for your professional broadcasts. This applies in particular to boxes for carrying electronic devicesCosmetics, home appliances, books, documents, etc.

We advise you to use special boxes to preserve the condition of your goods. For example, some cardboard models are more robust. This applies in particular to the Boxes with double groove. Cardboard boxes with simple corrugation are of good quality but are not as strong. To protect your fragile goods, opt for packaging with padding. They effectively absorb shocks and limit the risk of breakage. In this sense, they are suitable for transporting glass objects, television screens, computers and other fragile items.

Also, remember to choose packaging made from recycled materials. This is especially true for bags intended for the delivery of postal packages or administrative files. E-commerce companies also have a wide range of envelopes or paper bags to choose from. made from recycled materials.

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Choose an eco-friendly shipping company

If your business needs to use a parcel shipping company, we encourage you to work with groups that respect an environmentally friendly shipping method. Nowadays there are more and more of them. First of all her Use cardboard packaging and recycling materials. Then they promote a less polluting package transport.

The ecological shipping method promotes green routing. Delivery by rail is currently the greenest option. In fact, the train is one of the least polluting modes of transport among the vehicles used to transport goods. That environmentally conscious companies Choose the train as one of the main means of transport. The train can also carry a large amount of goods, it can ship thousands of tons of packages per trip.

Companies concerned about the environmental impact of their shipments are choosing to limit their use of fuel, particularly kerosene. They avoid shipping by plane as much as possible. In fact, the airplane is considered to be one of the most polluting means of transport. These environmentally conscious companies also establish a fully environmentally conscious operation. The interest in the environment then ranges from the choice of packaging and the mode of transport to the recycling of the packaging.

Use biodegradable packaging materials

Choosing biodegradable packaging is not enough to send goods in an environmentally friendly way. You also have to think about the materials that make up the whole package. Sometimes you use tape and plastic wrap to pack your goods. Although they are used to seal your packages, they are not biodegradable.

You can exchange any products used in the delivery of goods that are not environmentally friendly for biodegradable substitutes. This applies in particular to paper tape. It perfectly replaces plastic tape and is more environmentally conscious. The well-known bubble wrap that protects your transported goods in the packaging can also be omitted. Choose a custom box with padding instead. This keeps your items absolutely still and without risk of breakage.

Also, avoid overpackaging that uses plastic film on cardboard or kraft packaging. This creates unnecessary and environmentally harmful waste. Just place your goods in special boxesto avoid overpacking.

Combine your packages as much as possible

Grouping parcels remains the best way to send goods in an environmentally responsible manner. In this way you reduce fuel costs by limiting the number of times your parcels are delivered. To do this correctly, organize your packages so that all your items can be transported delivered in one fell swoop. Use large wooden or cardboard boxes that can hold as much of the goods as possible.

Contact a shipping company that will help you consolidate your packages. They offer customized assistance depending on the type of package to be sent and the items to be packed. Thanks to their expertise, you can shipping schedule weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly.

With regard to the grouping of your packages to limit the environmental footprint of your shipments, also consider the relay point. This is a place to deposit and recovery of goods. This relay point is usually located in the city center or near delivery companies. Thus, they do not have to travel to pick up the packages to be delivered. In addition, the pick-up point system also limits the carbon footprint thanks to the process of taking back goods without delivery.

Send your items by ground instead of by air

The way of shipping the goods is by land (car, train, bicycle, etc.), by air or by sea. As we have already said, sending packages via airmail is the least respectful method for the planet. A single journey has a significant impact on the environment, since the use of kerosene emits, among other things a lot of CO2. Domestic air transport harms air quality and promotes the formation of greenhouse gases.

Anyone who would like to support the environmentally conscious transport of goods can turn to land delivery. As we have also seen, rail transport is the least polluting choice. But electric and less energy-intensive cars are also used for freighting packages. Contact the vehicles you make save gas and which emit fewer particles into the air. They are suitable for use on short, medium or long-distance expeditions throughout Europe. Also choose to transport your packages by bike: practical and fast for orders around your factories.

When it comes to shipping goods internationally, think more of those Sea or river transport. Although the delivery time is longer, the environmental impact is lower. However, this choice of land or sea transport depends on the urgency of the shipments.

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Reuse anything that can be reused in your business

If the field of delivery and shipping of goods is among the most polluting, that’s because much waste it generates. The crates, packaging, crates and wooden pallets are sent directly to the recycling center. You can change your operating mode and set up a new, more environmentally friendly process.

Set up a collection point for boxes

First, only use boxes and packaging that can be recycled. This is the case for boxes, a must when shipping any type of item. Then set up a system to take back this packaging when it is no longer used by your customers. You can talk to them about it to establish one recovery and recycling cycle Materials.

Work with local recycling companies to help you with this process. There are more and more of them all over France offering their services. In addition, this initiative also relieves your customers, business partners or others, since they do not want this Clutter with packaging and boxes once the items are unpacked.

Reuse shipping pallets

The handling, transport and storage of goods require the use of pallets, often made of wood or iron. These facilitate the handling of packages in warehouses. In fact, cranes and machines take care of the transport of packages as packages are placed on pallets in stacks. To limit your impact on the environment, Avoid throwing away pallets when worn. They can be repaired or reworked if necessary. Nowadays, furniture or fuel manufacturers turn to this type of waste. They can find a second life by becoming furniture, decorative accessories or wood pellets.