How to switch to physio?

One of the most popular is the physical therapist. Here’s how to become a physical therapist.

Who is a Physio?

The physiotherapist is a professional specializing in motor and functional rehabilitation. It works with a doctor’s prescription and can treat people suffering from neurological disorders or breathing problems. Regardless of your age, you can benefit from the expertise of a physical therapist.

By mastering the various massage methods, the physiotherapeutic masseur can work on his own account. Most physical therapists choose this option.

Aside from being his own boss, a physio can find one too job for physio in a sports club, where he will be responsible for accompanying top athletes during warm-up exercises. In the event of muscle trauma or an accident involving one of the athletes, the physiotherapist can use various products to treat the patient’s pain.

The Missions of the Physiotherapist Masseur

The physiotherapist has various tasks, among which we can mention the preparation of the patient file, the assessment by the physiotherapist and the counseling task. In addition, there are movement exercises, muscle building, development of rehabilitation care, study implementation and patient information.

The Qualities of a Physiotherapist

Like other professions the work physical therapy also requires some human qualities. The physiotherapeutic masseur must know how to listen to his patients and advise them if necessary. In addition, he must be patient and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Whether in their own or someone else’s company, the physiotherapist has to stand for a few minutes to relieve his patients.

Also, the patients to be treated do not have the same weight. Depending on the type of massage to be performed, he must lift the patient. However, the physiotherapist must be in good physical condition. But that’s not all ! He must also be available to treat his patients, especially when working as a Liberal.

What training to become a physiotherapist?

To convert to physiotherapist and work as a physiotherapist, you must first obtain a state diploma by enrolling at an IFMK (Masso-Physitherapeuten-Ausbildungsinstitut).

The training lasts five years after graduation and enables you to acquire all the knowledge required for the successful application of any massage and rehabilitation technique.

Remember that since the beginning of last year it is possible to study physio after a preparatory year at university.

That is, either after the first year of the license in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities) or after a license with the option “Health Access” LAS or after a specific course (PASS) or after a year of license in Biology.

In addition to the initial training, the physiotherapist masseur can also be trained part-time.

What is the salary of a massage therapist?

The salary of a physical therapist varies from job to job. Those who practice as liberals will not have the same income as a motor and functional rehabilitation specialist employed at a sports center.

In the first case, the employed person can receive up to 3,000 euros per month. The one of work in the public sector can receive between 2,000 and 2,500 euros per month for around 30 hours a week. Also find out the salary of physical therapists. The more experienced a physical therapist is, the higher their salary will be.