How to Upload Shorts from PC?

Do you want to learn How To Upload Shorts From Pc? This is very easy just follow the steps below and start sharing your creativity with the world.

Just before we start, to get better results we hope you have prepared the perfect shorts by respecting these points: 

  1. Video dimensions: The video must be square or vertical in orientation.
  2. Video duration: It must be between 15 and 60 seconds long. To find out how long YouTube Shorts can be, go here.
  3. Video Title: The hashtag #Shorts must be in the title or description of the video. This improves the reach of your Shorts and enhances the likelihood of the video appearing in YouTube recommendations.

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How To Upload Shorts From Pc? [Step By Step]

Step #1

From your computer, sign in to your YouTube account. This takes you to your YouTube channel homepage.

How to Upload Shorts from PC, Youtube shorts, Step 1
Step #1

Step #2

  1. Choose the ‘create’ option (video camera button at the top right corner of the channel dashboard)
  2. When you click it, you will be presented with two alternatives. ‘Upload video’ and ‘Go Live’ are the two options. Choose the ‘upload video’ option from the list.
  3. When you click that, you will be sent to the ‘upload videos’ screen. Select the “Upload Video” option.
  4. You may submit your video here by clicking the ‘select files’ button or dragging and dropping the selected video file.
How to Upload Shorts from PC, Youtube shorts, Step 2
Step #2

Step #3

The video editing screen occurs after the video has been posted. To publish the video, fill in the following video details.


You may include a title and a description for the Shorts video. Remember to include the hashtag #Shorts in the title and description.

Scroll down and select your Shorts video’s thumbnail. You can select one from the provided images or upload one from your device.

Elements of the video

You’ll then be sent to the ‘video components’ panel, where you may choose the target audience for your Shorts. Select “Yes, it’s created for kids” if your film is suitable for children. Otherwise, select “No, it’s not designed for children” and press the Next button.

Checks: You’ll be sent to the ‘checks’ screen. This YouTube tool informs the creator if the video contains any copyrighted content and if it adheres to advertising restrictions. Select the “Next” option.


The next screen is the ‘visibility’ screen, which is the final stage in the uploading process. You must select whether you want the video to be private, unlisted, or public.

  • Private videos – These videos may only be viewed by you and those you invite when you submit them. Entering people’s email addresses allows you to invite them to see private movies. You are not permitted to post the video link to private videos.
  • Unlisted Videos – These videos are viewable by you and anybody who has access to the video URL. Unlisted videos, unlike Private videos, allow you to share video URLs with others.
  • Public – Choose public if you want the video to be viewable to everyone.

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How To Upload Shorts From Pc: Conclusion

I think Now you learn how How To Upload Shorts From Pc, as you have seen these are very easy steps, the youtube platform is easy to understand, now you need to keep your audience engaged with your content by adding a short video section to your YouTube channel.

Stay tuned with us we will provide the best youtube skills and tips for you.