Price, options, autonomy, everything about the electric return of the legendary van

If you imagine a van traveling the world, you probably have a Volkswagen in mind. That’s a good thing: this legendary van comes out under the name ID Buzz, all electric.

There is something romantic about life in the van. The idea of ​​traveling the world behind the wheel of your own home, and discovering new people and new philosophies in towns and villages has always appealed to me. But never more than at the time of the youth revolution, the Woodstock Festival and the expansion of consciousness in the back of our minds. From this time always emerges an iconic vehicle : the Volkswagen Transporter. Many collect them, retype them and turn them into real motorhomes.

But here it is: The days of oil will soon be over. And on that point, of course, these legendary vans are doomed to disappear… Or maybe find a new life? In any case, it is Volkswagen’s plan, which has decided not to leave its legendary four-wheeler in the garage. The ID Buzz is the brand’s brand new 100% electric van, who draws his inspiration very closely from the great hippie mistakes of his company, while being aware of the challenges of the new world. Discover all the features here.

The great return of the Volkswagen Combi

You got it: the ID Buzz is largely inspired by the Volkswagen Combi that we told you about in the introduction. Its very rounded lines and large nostalgic logo on the front are the perfect examples. The Buzz ID itself does 4712mm long, 2212mm wide with mirrors and 1936mm high. The cabin itself is 1180 mm high and has a sliding door opening width of 757 mm. All this with a total weight of 2482 kg empty and a total permissible load of 3000 kg.

By default it is a 5-seater that also offers a large storage space. 1,121 liters of boot space, or 2,123 liters if you fold the rear seats. On the design side, Volkswagen plays with the two-tone with the Buzz ID to remind us more and more of its illustrious ancestor, but also goes much further in its options.

The improvements of the Volkswagen ID Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is intended to be a modern vehicle and therefore includes many options in this sense. Many flexible storage spaces are available in the passenger compartment, including the “ID Buzz Box” supplied as standard. where you can store drinks and water bottles, sunglasses and everything else. This box is located between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. It even includes drawers, a bottle opener and an ice scraper. You can remove the box to gain comfort in the back.

The cockpit of the ID Buzz is of course digital. onelarge central 10-inch touchscreen contains the standard multimedia system. This can be easily connected to any smartphone via the App Connect app from Volkswagen. We Connect also gives you access to DAB+ digital radio and many smart services. As a bonus, you also have access to USB-C ports a wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones.

After all, the atmosphere in the new electric station wagon is extremely well thought out. In addition to the optional Matrix LED IQ Light, which recognizes you when you approach the vehicle, you also have an interactive system in the cabin. The latter is called ID Light and allows you to combine light signals and sounds to create different atmospheres and guide the driver as a bonus of the integrated navigation system. Everything has been thought out to combine practicality with ease of use, in keeping with the philosophy of the original Combi.

Autonomy of the Volkswagen ID Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz will always be equipped as standarda 77kWh battery allow him drive 419 km. This battery is connected to a 150 kW or 204 hp motor. The ID Buzz Pro promises a power consumption in kWh/100km of 20.8 without CO² emissions. Its energy efficiency class has been rated A+++.

You can have a home charging station installed for charging. Otherwise, the vehicle supports the Plug & Charge protocol and most charging stations available in the country. The Volkswagen ID Buzz is rechargeable with a maximum power of 170kW, but can also benefit from a maximum standard AC boost of 11kW. With fast DC charging (like available on the highway), a 5-80% charge only takes 30 minutes of waiting time.

In its ecological approach, Volkswagen also states that the ID Buzz is the first vehicle it is designing with full awareness of its carbon neutral footprint by 2050. Therefore, from the entire supply chain to production and use, attempts are made to use clean energy and act sustainably.

Price and options of the Volkswagen Buzz ID

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is available Today in presale from 56,990 euros incl. VAT for its standard options, including the same motor and battery every time. An online configurator allows you to customize your options to have the most suitable price for you for the best comfort. We don’t yet know when the new Combi will actually be available next.

GTX version, long range and 7 seats

The announcements surrounding Buzz ID don’t stop there. The Volkswagen brand has started teasing on upcoming models of the same range. For example, we observed a long version of the Buzz ID that accommodates up to 7 people.

The brand is also reminiscent of batteriesa maximum capacity increased to 111 kWhwhich would put it in the same range as Mercedes sedans and BMW SUVs.

Finally, the brand also teased the arrival ofa GTX version of the ID Buzz. As a result, the vehicle could drive much sportier in the future. It is expected to develop 299 hp, as is the case with the GTX ID4 and ID5. However, we don’t know when these models will be available.