Tips for posting the best vacation photos on Instagram

The most memorable vacation photos are the ones that capture travelers enjoying their stay. Images that reveal the soul of a place and the intensity of the moment. With such snaps you will receive an avalanche of likes, comments and shares on Instagram. But how can you successfully publish your holiday photos on this network?

Use your smartphone

First, you don’t have to buy fancy equipment. Your smartphone camera will suffice. So you always have it at hand and don’t have to lug around bulky equipment.

However, make sure to equip it with a sufficiently strong case. When you’re taking your vacation photos, your phone isn’t safe from a bad fall…Think about it before your trip find a hull on the internet. It is best to choose a model with a flap and complete it with a screen protector. So your valuable smartphone is safe from scratches and bumps.

Familiarize yourself with your device options

Next, familiarize yourself with the various features of your camera. Self-timer, shutter speed, stabilizer, zoom levels, flash or grid. Smartphones contain a variety of options that allow you to take great holiday photos for Instagram. It’s better to tame them before they go on a journey, then master them as best you can when the time comes.

The 4 criteria for a successful photo

A perfect picture fulfills 4 criteria: nice colors, good light, a harmonious composition and capture a defining moment. You don’t have to get all four to be successful with your photo. It is enough to have at least two of them.

For example, a sunset with shimmering colors will not do. Another element is needed to make it unique: an original frame or the silhouette of a bird that comes by at the right time.

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use the light

Then light is of great importance in photography. Ideally, the sun should be behind you or right next to you to illuminate your subject. Avoid shooting against the light last—unless that’s the effect you want.

Overall, the golden hour offers the best natural light, just after sunrise or before sunset. This soft, plentiful light gives your photos the richest, most vibrant colors.

However, do not limit yourself to these specific time periods. At other times, the sun can also cast beautiful shadows.

Take different perspectives

Also remember to photograph your subject from different angles. Then start with big shots angleand then move closer until you can capture the details of your subject.

At each stage, also adopt low and high observation points. Finally, take moving photos and still lifes.

Pay attention to your background

After all, amateur photographers often concentrate on their subject and completely forget what is happening behind it. Unfortunately, a messy background will affect how the photo renders…

So remove everything that doesn’t matter in the picture from the background. If necessary, move your subject, the distracting element or yourself to get the best angle.