Top 10 Business Management Software to Track Your Sales

Saving time while remaining efficient is paramount for any business. This is where IT solutions come into play, including commercial administration software, which is attracting more and more structures. To help you choose the right tool, below are the top 10 software programs currently available.

Why Choose Business Management Software?

Business management software is a computer application that allows companies to manage their business activities. This includes managing customers, products, orders and invoices.

Business management software provides better organization and efficiency in managing day-to-day operations. It also allows companies to better track their performance and identify areas where they can improve their processes.

There are different types of business management software, each with their own set of features. Some companies are opting for integrated software that bundles all the functionality they need into a single application. Others prefer to use specialized applications for each task to have more flexibility and control over their processes.

Monday sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is a business management tool that combines simplicity and efficiency. It can be used by SMEs, startups and VSEs looking for a customizable solution. This CRM software can be ideally integrated into your daily work tools and offers an intuitive user interface and various functions. For example, it offers its users the opportunity to have access to all information related to customers and prospects. In addition, it allows a personalized follow-up of each customer. Thanks to the dashboards, it is possible to create an accurate analysis of a company’s operations. This makes task distribution more efficient. You always know which activity your team should focus on. Note that Monday Sales CRM proposes a free offer (for VSEs and freelancers) and a paid offer. Finally, you should know that a mobile application is available.

Axonaut Customer Tracking

Launched in 2017, Axonaut is a 100% French tool. One of its biggest advantages is that it brings together the functions of CRM, accounting and invoicing. The user can centralize all their contacts and manage them at the same time. And all on the same platform. Ergonomic tools are put at your disposal to better manage your business. You can also easily create offers and invoices. It is also possible to propose the payment of bills online, either by direct debit or by credit card. At the accounting level, this tool allows to automate accounting actions. On the checkout side, it takes care of bank synchronization and manages income and expenses. Note that you can test this software for free (for 15 days) after a short registration. You will find many videos explaining how to use it properly.

fresh sale

This tool is aimed more at SMEs and ETIs. It is full software but easy to use. It allows you to manage accounts, contacts and business opportunities. But what really sets Freshsales apart is its wide range of features that allow you to communicate effectively with your prospects. For example, you can use AI-based chatbots to interact with your visitors. Plus, thanks to Freshsales, you have the ability to close deals in record time. You can actually improve conversions with optimized analytics. For structures that have basic needs, the free version of this tool can fully satisfy them. On the other hand, for expanding and large companies, it will be better to resort to paid offers (Growth, Pro and Enterprise). If you’re not completely convinced, you’re entitled to a 21-day free trial with no obligation.

no CRM

For starters, noCRM is a Saas software, which means you don’t need to install it. It is primarily a commercial prospecting software. This makes the seller’s work easier. It has a customizable interface that’s really easy to learn. The user can easily find the information they want. One of the strengths of noCRM is that it allows you to manage all business opportunities. Apart from that, user can proceed with creating prospecting files to ensure effective prospect tracking. This tool also offers multiple dashboards showing sales performance and that of your teams, activities that need to be done quickly, monthly sales forecast, among other things. It should be noted that this software easily allows the integration of other tools.

way 100

Do you want to save time so you can focus more on your sale? In this case, only rely on the software Sage 100. With this tool you have the possibility to manage and accelerate your sales processes. It also allows improving customer tracking. In addition, it is of great help in managing stocks and supplies. This software also proposes synthetic dashboards that you can use to manage your business. You can carry out business analyses, create sales simulations, etc. Wherever you go, you can call up your key figures at any time. In fact, Sage 100 applications are available on mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. Which is very interesting for all professionals who travel a lot.

Hubspot Distribution Center

If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to focus more on your customers, Sales Hub software is for you. It offers you many functions. To communicate effectively with your customers, this software offers various tools such as email templates or email open tracking. It also brings appointment scheduling improvements through features like live chats. There are also automations that provide the ability to schedule tasks for your teams. Apart from these functionalities, the user can also create offers, create personalized reports or even integrate other tools. Finally, by choosing this solution, you will benefit from several advantages (performance management and sales forecasting, automation of sales processes, access to information about high potential leads, etc.)

Salesforce sales cloud

The functionalities of this solution are very diverse. First there is the management of accounts and contacts. This software is able to provide the relevant information about the customer. Then this tool will help you to monitor the performance of your employees through specific tools and dashboards. Other interesting features relate to opportunity management, lead management, data management and pipeline management. You may be wondering why you should choose Salesforce Sales Cloud? They are numerous, but know that this tool allows you to establish a sales strategy in perfect harmony with the market. In addition, you can also noticeably improve customer service and customer loyalty management.


It is an online CRM software. It can be used by all companies regardless of their size. It is very complete and offers its users the possibility to control all the activities of a structure. You can use this tool to manage accounting, CRM or even marketing. The communication aspect will also benefit from a real improvement. Adopting this software also means giving a real boost to the efficiency of all your teams. This solution will not only save you time but also increase your sales. Payment security, bank details, invoicing… the features offered are just as interesting as the others. You can try the software for free or request a demo if you’d like. Finally, you should know that Sellsy registers more than 35,000 users every day. Which is anything but negligible.

team leader

This software allows any structure to gain efficiency in project management (control of each project), customer relations, invoicing (automation), support and sales. This allows you to ensure effective follow-up to each of your customers. It’s a simple and intuitive tool that will make your business easier. In addition, it is compatible with more than 200 applications. And we have to admit that it is very practical. Your customers can continue to use their favorite applications while enjoying the benefits of Teamleader Focus. It is possible to test the software free of charge for two weeks without obligation. This way you will have enough time to discover all its functions.

Divalto wavy

The first benefit of this software is that you don’t need to install it on your hardware. To use this tool, all you have to do is connect to a web platform. Updates are automatic. So you don’t have to plan them anymore. In terms of functionality, you can use Divalto weavy to manage contacts, automate sales reps, manage opportunities, or even manage leads. With it, you can also manage tasks as well as sales forecasts. Other interesting features of Divalto weavy: dashboards, management of activities and teams, database or even mobile order taking.

Which criteria should be considered when selecting business software?

The choice of business management software depends on several criteria, including the nature and needs of the business, the budget available, and the features you want.

Companies must first determine their business needs. Some need a simple solution to manage customers and products, while others need advanced features like order and invoice management.

The budget is another important criterion. Business management software typically varies in price, features offered, and application complexity. Businesses should therefore set their budget before starting their search.

Finally, companies should evaluate the various functionalities that business software offers. Some functions, like customer and product management, are indispensable for most companies. Other features like order and invoice management are useful for some businesses but not required for all.