Volkswagen presents an office chair with headlights, a horn and a speed limit of 20… But why?

The designers at Volkswagen Norway have set themselves the goal of integrating as many features of the brand’s cars into one office chair. It will obviously never take the road, but mission accomplished. This office chair has all the trappings of a beautiful German.

The Volkswagen office chair / Credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen has designed an original electric commercial vehicle. Its autonomy is limited to 12 km and will not take you very far. Just enough to go back and forth to the coffee machine and visit co-workers. It is indeed an office chair.

The designers at VW Norway had a blast designing this crowded office chair, and it will appear on the presentation website. This concept is anything but a joke, but mobilizes all of Volkswagen’s know-how in ergonomics, electronics and, of course, automobiles. For those who doubt that this chair is a Volkswagen vehicle like the others, the manufacturer has equipped it with five wheels, two of which are powered, with 4-inch rims, a trailer hitch and a 5-liter trunk, not to mention the VW logo embroidered on the side rest. The level of finishing, the body of the seat is covered with metallic paint.

The Volkswagen office chair has everything that makes a beautiful German on five wheels

The VW chair is equipped with all or almost all equipment of a commercial vehicle of the brand. reversing camera, 360° sensors, heated seats, Touchscreen with integrated media player (and speakers, of course), USB port, LED strips under the armrests: nothing is missing for the comfort of the office worker. As the designers emphasize with a lot of humor, the Top speed of 20 km/h allows you to be the first to arrive in the canteen queue, and you can even honk your horn and shine LED headlights at the unwary who unexpectedly cross the halls.

VW chair touch screen

Comfort at work is becoming increasingly important, a trend likely accelerated by the Covid crisis. Many brands lean on office chairs. McDonald’s is the most recent example with the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. Unfortunately, the Volkswagen chair is only a prototype. However, some drivers can exam in norway,0 where it is on display at certain branded retailers. The concept primarily serves to emphasize the quality of the brand’s municipal and electric cars. Ten new models from Volkswagen, including the much-anticipated ID Buzz electric van, are set to hit the market by 2026.

Source : Volkswagen