What gifts for travelers?

Sometimes we rack our brains to find a gift for our loved ones at every big event to be celebrated or those special occasions that arise each year. Sometimes we think that we are lucky not to miss anything, but nevertheless small gifts, possibly at a great price, can bring joy and become real practical gifts!

Between birthdays, occasions to celebrate like getting a diploma or a housewarming party and so much more, it Often you have to think all year round if you want to make a loved one happy. Let’s not forget Christmas, a great annual event for which it’s easy to find many lists of intended ideas to some enthusiasts, like poker players. However, it remains more difficult to find lists made on all occasions for those who have become accustomed to touring and surveying the continents.

On a road trip, close to home, or across the world, some gifts can come in very handy for travelers of all kinds. So what could you give yourself as a globetrotter or even do yourself? Non-exhaustive list below.

A portable automatic coffee maker

Just as some like to travel as fast as possible, it is difficult to give up its famous coffee when you are used to it and appreciate it on certain occasions. Don’t panic because several companies have been marketing cigarette lighter rechargeable coffee makers for several years and are said to brew coffee, often compatible with Nespresso capsules, no matter where you are.

A very pleasant accessory when hiking or sailing in the heart of a road trip without the slightest restaurant on the horizon.

A drone

A few years after the onboard sports camera craze, drones are now dominating the market among video content enthusiasts. You can find them at any price these days and for that reason the drone can be the perfect gift if someone wants to put their foot in the stirrup and discover this new way of capturing memories and such scenic landscapes.

© Pixabay, CC0 Images captured by drones are often eye-catching

Of course you have to a few hours of practicement to master the art of safely filming and moving the drone, but Undoubtedly, the person receiving such a gift will take this timeWith great joy.

A knife

If we appreciate cutlery and things well made in tradition, sometimes French, thanks to many prestigious companies that offer these products, A knife can be very handy and appreciated by a traveller. Depending on your habits and frequently visited places, you can opt for a set, an adventurer’s knife or the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife with several tools placed on it.

© Pixabay, CC0 The Swiss Army Knife offers several advantages

However, be careful when offering a knife, there are two things to consider. Ask for a coin back when facing superstitions and traditional and naturalremember to take it out of your pocket when you fly, for obvious reasons.

A laundry bag

Here is the new trend observed for several months and initially patented by a French company. LLovers of long hikes and road trips know how time-consuming washing clothes can be depending on the weather. and most importantly, where they are.

This bag can generally be vacuumed and slipped into the heart of a large bag or into any part of the passenger compartment of a car. Based on a simple principle, it allows you to wash your various clothes in just a few minutes, helping travelers to have clean belongings at hand throughout the day.

This can be extremely useful for clothing that dries quickly thanks to certain materials, or socks if you want to use a regular change while walking.