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Do You want to know What Type Of Videos Are Most Watched On Youtube? Whether you will target this type of video or are just curious, we have brought you the right answer, we are sure that it will help you in the future.

Many people think that working as a YouTuber is easy and fun, but in fact, it is hard work and requires a lot of effort and time to succeed. Success here is keeping your audience entertained with videos that capture their attention and impress them; This is the real challenge for every YouTuber, so the type of your videos is an important factor in progressing your channel.

92% of the videos are watched every week, with music videos topping the list as the most viewed types of videos with 51.4%.

On average, 47% of total Internet users use video content as a source of education, based on course videos, lessons, how-to-do things, specialized educational videos, and courses.

What Type Of Videos Are Most Watched On Youtube
The Top Global Websites, Youtube is the second

What Type Of Videos Are Most Watched On Youtube: 2022 statistics

These are the most viewed types of videos on Youtube according to the latest statistics for 2022:

1- Music videos (51.4%)

When you asked What Type of Videos Are Most Watched on Youtube, the first answer you think and hear is music videos. Every year, music videos top the most popular lists on various platforms such as YouTube and others, and this includes new songs from the best artists around the world.

2- Comedy videos (37.1%)

Comedy content is one of the most attractive entertainment content to users, and channels specialized in this content have achieved significant growth compared to other categories in the list.

3- Video lessons and how to do things (31.3%) 

In our daily life, we need to do some new things that we may not know how to do for the first time, and these videos help in providing proper guidance for users to complete tasks successfully.

4- Live Videos (30.4%)

 Live broadcasting has become one of the most important trends in video content in recent years, and this includes all different categories such as games, sports, entertainment, and others.

5- Educational videos (29.8%)

They include videos specialized in certain fields such as mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, economics, and others fields.

6- Sports videos and summaries (28.5%)

This includes international sporting events and match summaries from various continental and international tournaments and competitions.

7- Product review videos (27.7%)

 Knowing some details about the product is undoubtedly an essential step before making a purchase decision, and product review videos provide enough information for users to know if the product is suitable for them or not.

8- Gaming videos (27.4%) 

Gaming content is one of the most popular content on the Internet, and video content makers in this field focus on trying new games, challenges, impressions, and more.

9- Influencer videos “Vlogs and others” (26.7%) 

The Philippines is the country with the most views of “vlogs” in the world, with a rate of 60.4%, followed by Taiwan and Brazil. This type of video focuses on reviewing daily activities and moments and sharing them with followers.

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What Type Of Videos Are Most Watched On Youtube: Conclusion

I think now you get the answer of What Type Of Videos Are Most Watched On Youtube, but Keep in mind that not all of these YouTube videos will be appropriate for your channel. 

Just be original and creative, and try always to give the best to your audience; stay tuned with us we will provide you with the best tips to get your Youtube channel to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Start now and do your best!