Why use management software when you are self-employed

Even if the accounting of companies is simplified compared to that of companies, running a micro-enterprise remains complicated. In fact, the auto entrepreneur has to create quotes, send invoices, request payments, calculate their thresholds, manage their inventories, and pay their taxes and duties. Management software is an ideal solution and a valuable time saver for freelancers.

Discover the 6 good reasons to use management software for your business.

Manage all aspects of your business with one tool

The purpose of management software is to help self-employed entrepreneurs better manage their business. Thanks to them, all your data is centralized on a single platform: sales, accounting, project monitoring, customer database, creation of professional documents and much more. This makes it easier for you to edit them, but you also have the option of accessing them from work, from home or on the go. Some tools such as my portal are 100% online and cross-device, which means you can use it on computer, tablet or mobile.

save time and money

Thanks to the management software, you save valuable time and no longer waste money on repetitive and time-consuming tasks. You can pre-edit custom quote and invoice templates that contain all the information you need to automate most of your procedures. No more wasting hours collecting all the data, processing it and then entering it into one software and then another. With a complete administration software, all information is brought together directly and you can automatically convert the offers into an invoice without having to enter all the data a second time. This saves time and security. You can devote yourself fully to your business, knowing that you will not make any mistakes in your tax and administrative obligations.

Comply with laws and accounting regulations

Management software is also a great way for auto contractors to maintain their reputation while showing their professionalism to their customers. Indeed, if you process your offers and invoices in an accounting software, they comply with the applicable standards. They contain all the mandatory information: invoice date, number, product delivery date, company identity, buyer identity, product description, unit price excluding taxes, VAT rate, total excluding and including taxes. … The sales thresholds are generally complied with here.

Also protect yourself in case of a URSSAF inspection. In fact, there are numerous accounting rules and obligations, and using a management tool will help you comply with them all!

Visualize the performance of your micro-business

As a self-employed person, you do not necessarily have accounting skills. Management software is a tool designed to help you effectively manage your business and simplify your day-to-day life. It gives you a global view of your business and important information. A summary dashboard allows you to track your expenses and income, your turnover, your social contribution estimate, declaration dates and much more in real time. You have an overview of the invoices that are due and all reminders that should be sent to your customers. Some tools even offer a detailed analysis of this information using graphs. This feature allows you to optimize your time and quickly know the status of your cash flow. It only takes a few clicks to view all statistical reports on your computer screen.

Backup of your customer databases

The use of administration software enables car entrepreneurs to manage their customer database in the tool. Your registered contacts and downloaded supporting documents are safe and compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules in accordance with European law. Access to information is password protected. You also benefit from a regular backup system for your data. If your computer or other device is lost or stolen, you can recover your data. Contacts, expense reports, invoices or lost receipts are no longer necessary, which simplifies your bookkeeping and protects you in the event of a tax audit.

Simplify internal and external data exchange

Management software is an indispensable tool to support the digital transformation of your company. Several departments of your company are taken into account by the tool: warehousing, sales, customer data, accounting and purchasing. It comes in very handy when you work with other people, be they co-workers, clients or collaborators. Documents are shared directly to facilitate communication and streamline data processing. All tasks are completed faster and you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Accounting management software like Mon Portail is designed to facilitate the accounting management of a micro business. It is perfectly adapted to the micro-entrepreneur commitments that will be explained in this article. Understand self-employment », regardless of whether you are a salesman, craftsman, consultant or freelancer. It is accessible via a monthly commitment and a free trial offer to try for one month.