With an update, Tesla shortens the charging time for its electric cars

Elon Musk’s company has just rolled out a new update for all its electric cars, which should significantly improve battery efficiency and thus reduce charging time.

Tesla is charging
Credit: Tesla

Tesla has started rolling out its latest software update, version 2022.40.1, which several improvements of ” life quality “. Among them we find in particular improvements for the sentinel mode, the dog mode, charging, the radio stations and the locking mode of the driver’s door.

First of all, the new update allows Sentinel and Dog modes to work together, which means that Drivers can now activate both at the same time. However, Sentinel Mode alarms will be disabled if activated at the same time as Dog Mode.

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Tesla improves the charging time of its cars

If you happen to be charging with a non-Tesla DC fast charger, the update should allow you to charge faster. As a matter of fact, Tesla updated the thermal controls to account for the wattage of each DC fast charger, which allows the batteries to better manage their heat and therefore charge faster. Tesla counts too Improving battery preconditioning along the way so that it is ready for any type of recharge.

This update not only enables you to charge your car even faster and more efficiently, but also saves you money if you pay for your charging station by the minute. In addition, Tesla also recently reduced prices on superchargers and added off-peak hours.

The update also gives drivers the opportunity to do so open all the doors and the trunk of her car by long pressing the inside driver’s door switch. Driver door unlock mode is available for vehicles that did not previously have this feature. Another improvement Tesla introduced in 2022.40.1 is radio station logos. Now Media Player shows logos of radio stations.