ZFE residents will receive €1,000 in additional grants for purchases in 2023

The government continues to collect aid for motorists who want to switch to electric cars. From next year, residents of environmental zones (ZFE) will definitely receive the 1,000 euro bonus when making a purchase. The consent of the municipality concerned had to be obtained beforehand.

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The environmental zones (Low Emission Zones, ZFE), which first appeared in 2015, have a very special meaning in the French automotive landscape today. From now on, the protocol affects 43 metropolitan areas in France with a total of 150,000 inhabitants. A measure that therefore aims to reduce the carbon footprint linked to the transport of the population by encouraging them to part with their old polluting vehicle.

But that’s not necessarily easy for everyone. The electric car, which has been heavily promoted by the government in recent years, remains a significant investment that not all households can afford. Within the ZFE, it is indeed possible to receive a bonus of €1,000 on purchase, but only in the cities that grant this aid, such as the Paris area. From next year this process is simplified.

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The government will increase subsidies for the purchase of electric cars in 2023

In fact, the government has announced that all motorists living in an EPZ, whatever it may be receive a scrapping premium of 1,000 euros when purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle. This novelty is thus added to another measure planned for next year, namely the zero-interest loan, which will finance the rest of the bill once all the aid has been paid. The latter only applies to receiving households an income of less than €14,000 per yearwho want to buy a vehicle that emits up to 50 g CO2 per km and for maximum €45,000.

The bouquet of state aid will therefore expand somewhat in a few months. Remember that the eco-bonus has recently increased from €6,000 to €7,000 and is complementary a scrapping bonus of up to €5,000 for the humblest of households. Finally it will soon be possible to lease an electric car for only €100/month.